A view of mountains the mountains in Selva Val Gardena Two girls and a cow during a trekking A typical summer night in Selva Val Gardena A view of the mountains around Chalet Gerard in Selva Val Gardena A girl plays on the snow A family on the snow during a magic holiday in Val Gardena A couple walks on the snow in Selva Val Gardena

Welcome to Selva Val Gardena:
Things to do and to see

The majesty of the Sella mountain range, the Sassolungo and the Sassopiatto are the frame for the multi-coloured sides of the Ladin houses and display windows of the many artisans that enliven the shopping in Gardena.

There are many things to do in Selva Val Gardena! A destination for summer and winter sports, Selva is a real paradise for those fond of mountains, for adults and children who want to discover the beauties of the Dolomites during a magical holiday.

In the evening, wherever you are, turn your gaze to the mountains and watch the sunset on the ‘Pale Mountains’, a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Full of rural charm but cosmopolitan as well, Val Gardena offers the chance to take advantage of all the sports activities and enjoy a multitude of rare cultural events.

For all sports fans and culture enthusiasts, the three areas of Selva, Ortisei and S. Cristina hold countless exciting opportunities for leisure time.

The summer is full of the allure of the mountains of Gardena, with clear days and sparkling air, with expanses of meadows in bloom, from the mysteries of the woods and forests to the ‘Pale Mountains’ and their fiery sunsets, and the magic of evenings in the Dolomites.

But some people can’t get enough of winter in Val Gardena: the mantle of white on the landscape, the sparkling snow, the thrilling slopes, the countless opportunities to play winter sports.

The preservation of Ladin habits, customs, cultural heritage and, most of all, the Ladin language is a way of life here. ‘Bën unì’ means ‘Welcome’: just hearing this mysterious language or watching a celebration day, with the people of Gardena dressed in their traditional costumes, will let you discover, like magic, all the splendour of the past.